Breaking News: A possible dream opportunity for a lucky Habs fan

Update: Turned out his was all for not. My source's boss, Jacques Martin, did use him (Mathieu Darche) in Game Four, playing him for over 8 minutes. He even had an assist and was +1. Certainly was a good suggestion for him to give up his spot to a fan to sit on the Habs bench for the whole game.

This is expected to be made official tommorow morning, but it slipped out in conversation with a Habs contact this afternoon.

Prior to game time, the Montreal Canadiens are expected to make a huge announcement regarding a special Game Four promotion.

If it happens, the announcement will be made after the Canadiens and Pittsburgh Penguins team warm-ups. My source also said there was still debate to pick a ticket holder, or have someone with a camera crew go out on the street and pick a passer by that does not have a seat.

A single fan will be selected to have what is called "a fan's best seat in the house." It's surprising that the Canadiens would not have offered this via auction but it was a last minute decision.

The lucky winner will have some behind the scenes access to the Bell Centre, as well as a chance to interact with the players.

"It certainly caught me by surprise too..," said my source. "But if it's a go, I think the fan chosen will love this momentous opportunity.

"Whether or not this will be offered again in the near future is unsure, as it will depend on a Game Six back here."

Again this is an unofficial confirmation. It could depend on how the organization feels leading up to the game and if the "dream seat" becomes available.

"It will fall on the final decision of my boss," the contact stated. "Surprisingly we've had a recent chance to do this, but had no idea that the potential as there until after Tuesday's game. Had I known sooner, I could easily have done this."

More details to follow as they become available.

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