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Lightning strikes twice, but cannot close the series, as Penguins force Game Seven.

I don't know about you guys, but the Penguins are my last, best hope at any kind of success at the NHL Bracket challenge.

That and I'm never gonna get over my grudge against the Lightning.

Come on Sid. Come on Geno. Do the thing.

First Period

  • That moment when I realize that I don't like a single one of the players on the Lightning. The only guy I do like is out hurt. Boo.
  • The degree to which I dislike the Lightning is way out of proportion to anything they've done to me or teams I like. I do not need any further real reasons to dislike them.
  • I suppose the benefit of Beau Bennett not playing tonight is that at least he can't get hurt.
  • Gross. Definitely, totally gross. Ew. Ew. Ewwwww. Big chance for Geno, goal on the other. Ew.
  • Maybe offside?????
  • YES. YES. Now don't let them score again.
  • The good news for Pittsburgh is that Sid and Geno have had huge chances. The bad news for Pittsburgh is that neither of them have scored.
  • I'm so glad Ben Bishop isn't playing. I have nothing against him as a person, he sounds lovely. I loathe him as a hockey player. His helmet is super on point though.
  • Penguins buzzing beautifully. Tampa's momentum died when their goal did.
  • Also, you guys have no idea how hard I am trying to not gush about Crosby every other second.
  • The Penguins defence is making me very, very nervous.
  • That bit of Pens passing though. Wow.
  • And it's P.K. again. :(
  • Internal screaming
  • Oh Geno...
  • I love a good penalty kill.
  • Delay of game! That was impressive. *cackling*
  • Come on Pens...How can you have that many weapons and not sc... YES. PHIL THE THRILL.
  • Man that was some wonky puck wobbling.

Second Period

  • Malkin, Crosby, Kessel on the same line is just not fair.
  • Seriously, Pens. It's too early in the period to give me a heart attack.
  • how did that not go in
  • gulp
  • Please stop icing the puck
  • Thank you Murray.
  • Thanking a Murray is very, very weird.
  • Stop talking about how quiet the Triplets have been. You're making me nervous.
  • I really, really, really love Sidney Crosby. What a goal. What leader.

Third Period

  • Five minutes have gone by, and I haven't written anything yet.
  • Haeglin's flow is spectacular.
  • Oh lord... don't do that boys...
  • Damn it. The Lightning woke up.
  • Oh geez not Geno...
  • I hate everything.
  • Boyle looks like a super villain. That is an impressively villainous moustache.
  • There's too much time left. I don't like this. I don't like this at all.
  • Drouin is gonna score, isn't he.
  • Thank you Murray. Please wake up Pittsburgh.
  • Fortunately for the turtling Penguins, Murray is very awake.
  • THAT WAS SO PRETTY. What a goal by Rust. Oh god it's 4-1.
  • Bonino finishes it off, just to keep us from panicking in the last minute.
  • Pardon me while I go collapse from nerves./


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