Talking with Stanley Cup of Chowder about tomorrow's game against the Bruins

Since the Bruins are the Habs' biggest rivals these days, we expanded our usual pregame coverage to be a bit more epic.

In anticipation of tomorrow night's game against the Boston Bruins (It's been almost a year, which is incredibly unfair), we and our rivals at Stanley Cup of Chowder have decided to get to know each other a little better. To that end, myself and the lovely lilybraden of SCoC exchanged a series of questions about each other's teams, and our general rivalry feelings. If you don't know lilybraden already, you really, really should, and not just because she makes the best cookies in New England. She is a lovely Bruins season ticket holder I've gotten to know through blogging, and we commiserate over the Red Sox together. Her Q and A with me is up on their site.

TAS: I'm going to guess the Bruins eliminating the Habs in 2011 would be your favourite Habs-Bruins moment, but if not, what is, and if yes, what's your second-favourite?

LB: It was, but a close second was GM 6 2008 vs Montreal. Savard's OT Game Winner. It was my husbands first NHL Playoff game and I told him I would be extremely happy or extremely depressed since it was a possible elimination. It was a building full of people that needed the Bruins to win, we knew things were starting to change for the team, but if they had been eliminated at home it would have been more of the same. It was the second most loud and genuine crowd I've been a part of in that building

TAS: The Bruins look unbeatable to me this year, barring injuries, of course. What does it look like from where Bruins fans are sitting?

LB: Looks good! The lockout benefited the Bruins - in my opinion . The team is basically intact and the system, so not many changes to learn in a short season or short training camp. Seems like the Bruins can win games in all kinds of ways. If it's any indication the biggest problem seems to be people bitching about Chris Bourque - because he was clearly traded here because of his dad and not because he performed well in the AHL.

TAS: If there were some sort of insane crazy expansion draft and you could only protect one guy on the Bruins, who would you pick?

LB: That's like asking me to pick my favorite child, but easy - Patrice Bergeron. He's practically perfect in everyway. But seriously, I'm attached. He's been growing up here in our city since being an 18 year old kid. He was here when it was tough times and nobody was coming to games. He's got one of the best all around games in the NHL.

TAS: In the last couple of years Leafs fans' hatred for the Bruins seems to have intensified quite a lot. Do you care about the Leafs at all?

LB: I do care about the Leafs, but not in the "that's cute- they hate us way". Leafs fans - I identify with them. I love that they have so much passion for their team - it reminds me of how fun and terrible at the same time it used to be to as a Red Sox fan. I wouldn't give up 2004 for anything - but there is something that isn't the same about being a Red Sox fan now. If the Bruins were on the other side of that would be terrible for us too. You can never be sure if draft picks are going to bust or whatever...but it seems to have turned out alright for the Bruins.

TAS: You make some insanely amazing cookies, and everyone should order from you. If I were having a Habs-themed party, what kind of cookie would you think up to go with the theme?

LB: Thanks, I am pretty proud of them! I would make my Apple Pie cookie because the Habs best players are from the good old USA :) But I would also send you Black & Golds on the house because they are pretty delicious. But I will need to start thinking about a Habs themed cookie.

TAS: What's up with these PK and PP stats, Bruins?

LB: I think Claude is always looking to score and prevent short handed goals. Which is fine by me because I think shorties are fun to score. But seriously, the PP is annoying and as much as I enjoy a great PK - it doesn't make up for the lousy PP. I keep feeling like it's going to break through but who knows? I guess it gives us something to complain about.

TAS: As a season-ticket-holder you generally get to see almost everyone visit TD Gahden, but obviously this season, that isn't happening. Which Western Conference team are you most disappointed you won't get to see live and why?

LB: It's always disappointing to miss out on the Stanley Cup Champion so I'm bummed to miss the LA Kings - but mostly I would say the Chicago Blackhawks. I have an unreal obsession with that city, it's gorgeous, great food, good sports town. The Blackhawks are my western conference team and they are playing better than I expected.

TAS: I have come to the horrifying realization that you and I are eventually going to have to fight each other for Jonathan Toews. What will be your weapon of choice?

LB: The change in Patrick Kane's pocket. I don't want to fight you and perhaps we can work out a deal where we share him and Claude Giroux.

TAS: It's been almost a full calendar year since the Habs and Bruins last played each other. What have you missed most about these games?

LB: Honestly the build up. No matter what is going on with either team (injuries, slumps) you can never be sure what's going to happen when these teams play each other. It's more fun when both teams are competitive, but the games are always competitive. It's easier to get out of bed those days knowing we're playing THEM. It's hard to think of a rivalry in hockey that's better than Bruins/Habs.

TAS: What are your predictions for this game?

LB: Patrice will score 2 goals right off the faceoff because he's awesome like that. Dougie Hamilton will get his first NHL goal (before Phil Kessel scores for the year) Seguin will definitely have a goal disallowed for some garbage Goaltender Interference call. This season he's been denied more than he's ever been denied in his life! Pretty sure PK Subban will draw some outrageous BS penalty and score on it. Jack Edwards will say something awesome and epic that you would hate (and I would love) if we could hear it - he's not calling the game, I'm just imagining him calling the game in his living room. I'm guessing a couple scraps: Campbell vs. Prust and Ference I think will fight someone for not recycling. In fact for any of these prediction that actually happen I'll donate 5 additional #treesforgoals. I think it'll be a high scoring affair with tons of penalty minutes. 6-4 Bruins.

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