Canadiens vs. Stars Top Six Minutes: Benn there, done that

You’re not suffering deja-vu; a missed call and a short confidence meltdown was all it took for Montreal to lose its grasp on what had been a good game.


  • Habs have beat Dallas in their last three meetings, here’s hoping for a fourth.
  • That said, a win might not necessarily make me feel better about this team.
  • No Price, no Weber, no problem - right?
  • Oh Bishop is playing - what’s the over under on how many times they call him ‘Big Ben Bishop?’
  • Game on!/

First Period

  • Is it me or is the line blender on and the game is five minutes old?
  • Why are you yelling, Craig Button?
  • Jordie Benn gets two minutes for hugging a former teammate.
  • Penalty. Killed.
  • Bad offside, Shawzer.
  • I miss Radulov. So much fun to watch.
  • Lindgren, wow.
  • Bad penalty, Plex...
  • Lindgren... WOW!
  • Penalty. Killed. Again.
  • Davidson looks really good and I can’t tell if he’s having a good night or if there’s just nobody better in a white sweater.
  • Seriously, Button, relax.
  • Radulov doesn’t like family friction? I wanted a Battle of the Benns!
  • Good guy Hudon drawing the call by hustling to the net.
  • Drouin with the backcheck... someone check his skates for rocket boosters.
  • Not a bad first period, that./

Second Period

  • Craig Button is apparently still foregoing a chair preferring his soap box for this game.
  • Lindgren made Pateryn sad with that awesome save.
  • There may have been more pucks over the glass in this game than there are fans at the American Airlines Center.
  • Great pressure by Habs. Hudon keeps going to dangerous areas.
  • Checking in on the D, Brandon Davidson still having an excellent game.
  • Canadiens to the power play!
  • Gallagoal! The mighty one scores on the man advantage. Team Jordie up 1-0.
  • Goodness gracious Charlie Lindgren is under siege and making save after save. Post to post and back again, this kid is on fire.
  • Did... did Deslauriers just score there? No, no he did not. As you were.
  • Jamie Benn checks his lumber on Gallagher. Stick breaks. No call, but a face full of Gally at the whistle.
  • Quick goal by Dallas. What a fast neutral zone transition. Devin Shore ties it up for team Jamie, it’s 1-1.
  • You can almost feel Montreal’s tentativeness all of a sudden.
  • And there you have it, Jason Spezza makes it 2-1.
  • Two goals in less than a minute, just over a minute left in the period. Stop me if you’ve heard this before.
  • Not making excuses here, but if the refs called Jamie Benn on that cross-check, we could’ve been looking at a 1-0 game after 40 minutes. Instead, the Habs are down by one./

Third Period

  • Zip on the power play, because of course.
  • A Craig Button rant is an empty calorie rant. Seriously, who took the jelly out of his donut?
  • This power play is... not good.
  • The Canadiens once again have that look on their faces - they don’t believe they can score.
  • Pateryn bomb!
  • Gallagher very much would like another goal.... Please.
  • No goal for now, but a power play will do.
  • Radulov’s shot goes through Lindgren, off the post and out.
  • Another puck through Charlie’s crease, but no goal for team Jamie.
  • Habs pull the goalie and Shore gets a clean look, but fails to score.
  • Seguin seals the win for Dallas. Disappointing night for Habs. /

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars




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