Friday Night Links as we prepare for Habs-Bruins Game Two

So right off the bat, the Boston Bruins David Krejci, who was flustered by the Montreal Canadiens Tomas Plekanec in Game One, tried his best Joe Namath impression by practically guaranteeing a win in Game Two. Just one game David? Not bold enough say the Bruins will win the series though, is he?

The Canadiens did take the day off today, but some players and coach Jacques Martin were made available to the media.

The Bruins, in the meantime, held a brief but intense practice.

The Canadian Press with Friday comments from both sides

Chris Stevenson on how the Bruins maintaining puck possession can actually hurt them.

Dave Stubbs on Plekanec becoming a thorn in the Bruins side.

Eric Engels on the thought processes of the Bruins after Game One. with features on Scott Gomez's performance in Game One as well as post game reaction from Carey Price

Former Habs captain Vincent Damphousse responds to charges of alleged spousal abuse.

Joe Pelletier looks at misadventures of the Stanley Cup

So would smashing your stick over an opponent's head be deemed a "hockey play"???

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