Canadiens vs. Rangers Top Six Minutes: Multiple goals from Weber, Lehkonen get Habs back in win column

Racing out to a 4-0 lead, the Habs never looked back as the started December on the right foot.

First Period

  • Bob Cole BABY - it’s going to be a good night
  • Once again, we are almost a minute into the game and Domi does not have a goal. I’m scared.
  • Weber with the bomb – welcome back, Cap!
  • Habs to the power play and getting some good chances, they seem to be moving the puck well – however, no dice on this one
  • Kulak and Weber – I am liking it
  • Seeing Byron back on that ice brings me so much joy
  • New York hits the goal post but all in all, Price looking sharp so far
  • Tatar gets taken out along the boards, still manages a perfect pass to Weber who gets his second of the game. I. Have. Chills.
  • 2-0 after 20/

Second Period

  • A beauty pass from Byron sends Kotkaniemi and Lehkonen off on a two-on-one and Lehks sends it home like the wonderful human he is
  • Georgiev breaks his stick in frustration. Excellent. Finnish him.
  • I really enjoy winning
  • Lehkonen! Again! The race is on for the hatty for both Weber and Lehks. Amazing.
  • Domi and Andersson get matching penalites and we get some 4-on-4 hockey
  • Rangers score
  • Price still looking solid well-into the second
  • Gallagher appears to score but it is immediately waved off – on second look, hits the crossbar and hovers by the line. Gally can’t believe it and neither can the goal horn guy
  • Rangers score
  • All of a sudden, we have a game again and now I need to see Man Mountain lay out Kreider. Repeatedly.
  • Benn loses the puck and nearly gives up a goal. Colour me shocked.
  • 4-2 after 40/

Third Period

  • If Lehkonen doesn’t get a hat trick…
  • Kotkaniemi makes a pass that got Byron off and running as he was falling to the ice and man this kid is something else
  • I will never not hate the Rangers
  • TOMASSSS TATAAAAR on the power play
  • Can we clone Kotkaniemi
  • And that’s it for another Saturday night at the Bell Centre – Habs take this one 5-2/

Highlight of the Night

EOTP 3 Stars

3) through Jerry Seinfeld’s gritted teeth: Courtnall!

2) The Rngers’ view of Weber’s first goal:

1) Our point of view after his second:

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