Canadiens vs. Coyotes Top Six Minutes: Well that was mortifying

Tomas Plekanec got into his first career fight tonight. That's the kind of game it was.

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Because it's the Habs and the Coyotes, I'm expecting the Habs to run rough shod over Arizona, and then lose spectacularly. Somehow. Because obviously.

Ooh! Mike Johnson is on tonight. I love it when he's on the broadcasting team.

First Period

  • Oh. That's not a good start...puck over the glass less than 30 seconds in.
  • Joe Morrow is PKing. I think Julien might be trying to even the playing field for Arizona right now. (It went better than it could have, actually.)
  • Well that's a blast from the past. Joel Hanley is on the Yotes.
  • Oh. Wow. Hudon...Gally...I'm going to need a moment to compose myself.
  • PAULIE. Also wow. Perfect, perfect pass from Chucky.
  • So looks like my earlier prediction was very wrong. I love being wrong about stuff like this.
  • This call is garbage. On the other hand maybe the ref did the Habs a favour...
  • No goal on the four-on-four, but given the good chances the Habs had, I'd say probably was a favour.
  • Oh Joe. Joe why.
  • Well. That was better than I was anticipating./

Second Period

  • HOW DID THEY NOT SCORE. On the other hand, it probably would have been called back for goaltender interference...
  • Desrosies definitely got the better of that fight.
  • Oh bah. Of course the first goal in almost a year. And on the first shot of a period. agressively rolls eyes.
  • And then Rosie to the box. This is starting to look like the game I was afraid we were gonna get.
  • Oh lord. Five-on-three for Arizona. TWO puck over the glass penalties in one game. This is going great.
  • Welp. There it is. Tie game.
  • The worst team in the league is making the Habs run around in their own end. This is a bit not good.
  • You get a breakaway!!! We get a breakaway!!! Except we score on ours. WHEEEEEEE!!!! Morrow with a beauty. Also, thank you Charlie for that save.
  • Hey look. The Habs woke up again.
  • Oooorrrr maybe not.
  • This is not a good game.
  • YES. Wow. What. A. Beauty. From. Shea. Weber.
  • Holy cow...PLEK? What??
  • That was a Bad Period, goals aside./

Third Period

  • CHARLIE. Thank you. Wow. Habs, don't do that to your baby goalie twice on the same power play. At least it got better.
  • Charlie is the only reason the Habs are not losing right now. Aaaaaaalll Arizona right now. Montreal needs to get their act together...
  • Oh lord. This is not good.
  • They deserve this....this is baaad.
  • The good news is, apparently, that Gallagher is ok. The bad news? Their power play sucks.
  • Ooor not. Gally is off now. Power play still sucks though.
  • Nice poke by Charlie. Everything else is awful.
  • Everything remains awful. I was definitely, definitely right coming into this game. Except that they haven't even played well after the first period.
  • Lol. That was so OBVIOUSLY a kicking motion. At least Shaw is back too.
  • Oh so NOW Ranta plays well.
  • Of all the times to NOT suck on the power play, this is it, Habs...
  • And then they didn't do it. NO one is surprised.
  • That was bad. That was really bad.
  • Habs lose 5-4 in regulation to the worst team in the league./

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

3. It really was

2. “I don’t think this whole hockey thing is for me, grandchild”

1. And they just had to find the last-place team to do so....

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