Canadiens vs. Canucks Top Six Minutes: Gallagher sends Habs into bye week on a positive note

A solid 60 minutes of play leads to another win.

First Period

  • Are ticket sales so poor that we can’t afford Sara Diamond anymore?
  • Carey Price’s pad saves are so damn nonchalant
  • GOAL! By... Karl Alzner? ...unassisted? I’ll take it!
  • This period is going by faster than Alex Galchenyuk’s career at centre
  • Is Paul Byron the fastest man alive?
  • End of the first SOG are 13-11 in favour of Montreal/

Second Period

  • Galchenyuk? More like GOAL-chenyuk. Actually though, this is what I want to see. So much more of this
  • Why do the Sedin twins have to haunt me like this. One of them scores, who cares which one, really
  • Canucks seem to be firing things up now
  • Man alive, Galchenyuk is on a mission tonight
  • Artturi Lehkonen was just tripped and you bet I am taking names
  • The Sedin twins bother me. I don’t really know why
  • End of the second SOG are 28-19 in favour of Montreal/

I think we have some errors to improve on, but it’s a step in the right direction...too many guys are good one night and not so good the next night. - Brendan Gallagher

Third Period

  • Alzner goes down and both Sedin brothers come over to check on him. I still don’t like them
  • Alzner clearly in some distress on the bench and he heads to the room
  • Michael Del Zotto ties the game
  • That’s the second time tonight the Tomas Plekanec has bumped into Gallagher
  • Alzner back on the bench
  • Gallagher? More like GOAL-lagher. No. I won’t ever stop with this
  • Max Pacioretty once again leading SOG with five so far
  • Great rush by Phillip Danault who unfortunately drives Anders Nilsson into the net - all involved seem to be okay
  • Nillson prepared to head to the bench, gets caught up and Byron caps off the night making it 4-2
  • I lied. Pacioretty scores just 16 seconds later and the final score is 5-2. Please don’t trade him/

Highlight of the Night

EOTP 3 Stars



1. First time that name has been yelled with such a positive emotion!

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