NHL Free Agency

Analysis on potential unrestricted free agents every summer.

Who's in, who's out?


Now that the opening day of free agency is over, we're taking a look at how the Habs roster looks going into the dog days of summer.


2014-15 Habs salary cap visualization

Justin once again updates us with his fantastic salary cap charts.

Habs sign Joey MacDonald for Bulldogs

The Habs addressed their need for goaltending depth in Hamilton.

Bergevin's press conference on Habs' moves


Marc Bergevin met the press to discuss his recent moves.

Weaver's back with the Habs

After some speculation that he would go elsewhere in free agency, Mike Weaver is returning to Montreal.

Habs sign Jiri Sekac

Rumored to be ready for an NHL jump the Canadiens have signed Czech forward Jiri Sekac.

Canadiens Sign Tom Gilbert

A fancy stat lovers dream the Canadiens have signed defencemen Tom Gilbert to a two year deal.

Gorges sent to Sabres

Amid all the hoopla around a proposed trade to Toronto, the Canadiens ended up sending Josh Gorges to Buffalo.

Malhotra a Hab

According to Bob McKenzie, Montreal has signed Manny Malhotra.


2014 Free Agency Open Thread


Your open thread for the opening day of NHL free agency which we will keep updated throughout the days proceedings.

Canadiens have not offered Bouillon a contract.


Looks like Bergevin is learning from his past contract signings and it's paying off huge for the Habs. Veteran defencemen Francis Bouillon will not be offered a contract according to Richard Labbe. Bouillon will hit the UFA market tomorrow and will likely sign with a team needing a depth defencemen.

Gorges opens up about potential trade


As it becomes increasingly apparent that Josh Gorges is on the move from Montreal, the long time Habs blueliner is beginning to open up about the idea of being traded.

Leafs want Gorges according to McKenzie


Speculation on Josh Gorges being moved popped up at the draft, and it hasn't gone away.

La défensive du CH au 1er juillet


Comment Bergevin peut-il compléter sa défensive?

Is Markov worth the risk inherent in his new deal?

Andrei Markov is 35 years old, and whenever you sign a guy at that age, there's an element of risk involved. Is he worth it?

Should the Canadiens sign Guillaume Gelinas?


The Val-d'Or blueliner has put up impressive numbers this year in the QMJHL, so should Montreal sign him?

The Canadiens sign Douglas Murray

Murray will be joining the Habs for the 2013-2014 campaign.

Ryan White signed for one year

After filing for arbitration, Ryan White has signed a deal with the Canadiens for one year and avoided that process.

Habs sign Dumont for 2 years

After relative silence on this front for the last while, Dumont is back in the Habs' picture.

BREAKING: Canadiens Negotiating with Jagr


Is this the year the Czech winger signs in Montreal?

Parros to Montreal

Habs acquire George Parros

2013 NHL Free Agent Frenzy Live Thread


It's the NHL's free agent day, and craziness is about to go down.

Should the Canadiens sign David Clarkson?


The tough former Devils winger is one of the most-hyped members of this year's free agent class. What does he bring to the table?

Habs sign Danny Briere for two years

Briere and the Canadiens have come to terms on a 2 year deal.

Montreal Canadiens should sign Jaromir Jagr


Discussing why Jaromir Jagr is a good target for the Canadiens in free agency.

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