Your Habs Daily Links for Jan 10

Not too busy a day in the world of the Montreal Canadiens, but a few notables.

First off, we are all aware by now that Mike Cammalleri is not making the trip to the Big Apple, to face the New York Rangers. The report is that No. 13 is battling the flu or other stomach related illness. Whether it is a bug, something he ate, or he's getting nauseous from his less than expected offensive numbers this season, remains to be determined. Lars Eller is expected to take his place in the lineup.

Speaking of underachieving, it looks like former Habs and current Ottawa Senators winger Alex Kovalev will miss at least a week with a knee injury. This can be a bit misleading though, as the Sens will really lose him for about one game a week, as he normally shows up on the ice every second or third game anyways.

OK that's enough of my attempted stand-up routine, so let's see what else is going on.

Skate with Dryden for a grand?: I came across this invite via Facebook this morning. Former Habs great Ken Dryden will be having a skating event at the Bell Centre on February 20th. The full details can be found on the Liberal Party site. The event is more directed as a political fundraiser, more than anything else, hence the $1000 per person charge. As big a fan I am of Mr. Dryden, $1000 is a bit out of my range, plus I will be in Calgary covering the Heritage Classic that weekend.

Keep it simple... : Dave Stubbs on Jacques Martin's simple approach.

Pacioretty finds his game:From Marc-Antoine Godin French English

The Habs are still a contender: Eric Engels, who strongly contended over 20 games ago that the Canadiens were a ligit contender for the Stanley Cup, further defends his opinion.

"Experience may be the determining factor in all of that. Experience is bringing the Canadiens through a schedule that offers top-quality opponents after dealing with the loss of Josh Gorges. Experience has seen Carey Price bury himself in stricter practice regimen to revive his strong play, rather than bury his head in the sand."

Jacques Martin talks to a higher power: Well we don't really know, but if he did J.T. has some ideas on how the conversation might go.

Evaluating the Habs goaltending at mid-season: Lions in Winter look at how Carey Price and Alex Auld have fared thus far in 2010-11.

The Crosby Concussion from Elliotte Friedman, as well as his 30 Thoughts, many featuring the Habs and a possible shell shocked Penguins goaltender when it comes to playing Montreal.

Perron says send Eller down: Former Canadiens coach Jean Perron feels the team should send Lars Eller down to Hamilton and call up Ryan White. Perron was a guest on CJAD's "The Habs Show" on Sunday. A brief audio clip is accompanied with this link.

Hollywood talks hockey: spoke to actors Kevin James, Chicago Blackhawks fan Vince Vaughan, Jennifer Connelly, director Ron Howard and others talks about their new movie "The Dilemma". Meanwhile Owen Wilson was spotted at the Bell Centre recently, and gave an interview with

Yeah she sings for the dastardly Philadelphia Flyers: But it's Lauren Hart's 44th birthday today....and she's not bad to look at, either.

Tweet of the night: Ed Duthatschek of the Globe and Mail, "G. Bettman in the house tonight for Kings-Leafs and again tomorrow for Sharks-Leafs. Commish is newest member of Leaf Nation presumably."

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