WTF?! Well it's a win for Habs

Arguably an entertaining game, but I honestly have no words to describe the Montreal Canadiens 5-4 shootout win over the Minnesota Wild. Given we've been lapsing on post-game reports of late, here goes.

Five-game losing streak over!

Three Canadiens power play goals! Lars Eller was one of the scorers on the man advantage. Who was PM in Canada the last time the Habs had three PP goals?!

Ryan White channeling John Kordic.

Who would have said in September that David Desharnais would have 50 points this season? Well he does.

Rene Bourque....Worst puck handler in the league, yet Randy Cunneyworth throws him out in the shootout.

Hits`o`plenty between a pair of teams that outright hate each other.

Scott Gomez: 5:55 TOI with 3:53 at ES

The Wild took nearly 15 minutes to record a shot on goal. Out shot 9-0, they finished the first period 9-7.

Oh and the Habs nearly tanked on a 4-1 lead, big surprise. The Wild scored three goals in 3:43 late in the third, when the Canadiens collapsed on their goalie.

The Wild's Matt Kassian scored his first two goals of his NHL career.

Devin Setoguchi scored the tying goal with 10 seconds left in regulation. Unfortunately he won't be remembered for that.

Best hit of the night...Alexei Emelin...but....

Carey Price on Setoguchi: "You feel bad for the guy... Almost."

Oh and by the way, HNIC popped a graphic that Price's numbers through 55 games this season are near identical to the same time last season. Sign him long term, Geoff!!

Three Stars: 1. David Desharnais 2. Max Pacioretty 3. P.K. Subban

Advanced Stats: Shift Charts / Head to Head / Corsi & Fenwick

Trying to get an explanation from the other side of the ice at Hockey Wilderness

Leafs are next!!!

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