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Team USA makes cuts from World Juniors summer camp

Bad news for some, but good news for others today; but remember that it's August and not December.

Jamie Sabau

This morning Team USA made 13 cuts from its summer camp after four split-squad games against Sweden and Finland. Unfortunately for Montreal Canadiens' fans, Brady Vail was among those cuts for the second straight year.

Team USA GM Jim Johansson stated:

"The players released today will continue to be evaluated this fall for Team USA. For the players that are staying, the games this week give us an opportunity to continue assessing them"

This means that it's still possible that Vail could manage to make the team if he performs, but the scouting report on his camp from friend of the site Chris Peters wasn't so hot:

Brady Vail - I think Vail underperformed in camp and I certainly expected more. There wasn't much of that defensive prowess that he showed at the OHL level. With so many centers in camp, I thought if Vail could prove he could be the shutdown guy, he'd position himself well for a spot on the final roster. Other guys showed better two-way capabilities, most notably Dominic Toninato, and that made Vail expendable.

Source: United States of Hockey

Peters didn't list Vail among those he thought would get a second chance to make the team, which doesn't sound good for his chances.

There is good news though, as 18-year-old Michael McCarron is still around and, after his goal and assist performance yesterday afternoon, drew some rave reviews. Corey Pronman remarked that "The good McCarron has shown up", which seems to suggest that he's pretty inconsistent at this point in his career.

McCarron's combination of size and skill should be enough to put him on that team in December, but the question is how many minutes will he get?