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World Juniors Gold Medal Game Thread: Sweden vs USA

In the end the only two Habs prospects in the tournament will face off for the gold medal.

Bruce Bennett

Here it is folks, the game for all the marbles. It's tough to judge which team is better, although I think the Americans have the stronger roster with the huge losses to injury Sweden has suffered on the blueline, and without MIka Zibanejad because Bryan Murray held him out.

The Americans didn't start the tournament too strong, but they've clicked at the exact right time. 21 goals in their last 3 games, and the most dominant performance against Canada the Americans have ever had gives them tons of momentum going forward.

John Gibson may be the tournament MVP regardless of the outcome of this game. His play has been brilliant in every way. His only major challenge may come from his own roster, with Jacob Trouba being possibly the best defenseman in the tournament, and John Gaudreau scoring goals like nobody's business with 7 in the last 3 games.

For Sweden they may be in for some regression to the mean in the form of Filip Forsberg, who was dominant again against Russia and scored a goal, has been dangerous all tournament. Sweden has been a dominant possession team in every game, but hasn't got the scoring to go with it. That could change against the USA.

Canadiens prospects Alex Galchenyuk and Sebastian Collberg are guaranteed at least a silver and one will be getting a gold medal, so there is some silver lining to Canada not being in the game.