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World Juniors Quarterfinal: USA vs Czech Republic

Finally the games that matter have begun, as the United States takes on the Czech Republic for the right to face Canada or Sweden.

Bruce Bennett - Getty Images

It's a complicated situation heading into this game as we in Canada have no clue what to expect of the Czech Republic. TSN chose not to broadcast any of the games from Group A, so all we've seen is short highlights.

Bruce Peter broke down the Czech roster before the tournament began, check that out here.

The Czechs have some high end talent in guys like Radek Faksa, Tomas Hertl, and Martin Frk, but they lack the depth that Team USA has at its disposal.

The Czechs have home ice advantage after going 2-0-1-1 in Group A, although considering the strength of competition, the Americans are likely the better team even with a 2-0-0-2 record

While it's fun to annoy American hockey fans and troll them a bit during this tournament, personally I'll be rooting for the Americans today as I'd like to see as much of Alex Galchenyuk against top competition as possible. Hopefully the American coach can facilitate this by actually playing his best player.

Game time is 4:00AM EST again because UFA is in the middle of nowhere and the IIHF hates humans.