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Canada and Russia fight for first place

We all thought it would come down to this after seeing the group and the schedule, and so it does.

Richard Wolwicz - Getty Images

After a hard fought victory against the USA, Canada vies for 1st place in the group against the host Russians.

Oddly enough the game is a battle between the two most recent 1st overall picks by the Edmonton Oilers. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins was the top pick in 2011, and he's the captain of team Canada. Meanwhile Nail Yakupov was the top pick this year, and is the captain of the Russian squad.

It's one of the greatest rivalries in sports, and goes back over 40 years, so there isn't really much more to add in this space. This one is big, people. So wake up and enjoy some hockey.

Game time is 9:00AM EST on TSN.