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2013 World Juniors Game Thread: USA vs Germany

Fresh off of a game against Canada, Germany gets to take on the United States.

Bruce Bennett - Getty Images

Yes, we are going to use a picture of Alex Galchenyuk whenever possible when talking about Team USA. Because he's awesome and he's ours.

Team USA doesn't really need an advantage against Germany, but taking them on just 24 hours after they lost 9-3 to Canada doesn't hurt.

The American team isn't exactly stacked, but they are an extremely fast team that can kill you off the rush, headed by some experienced NCAA players who are used to playing against men.

Bruce Peter previewed the American roster, but who cares about the rest of the team, it's all about Galchenyuk. Okay, fine, here it is.

Team USA is looking to rebound after a ridiculously brutal tournament last year where they finished 7th, but finishing low is something America is used to outside of the Olympics.

Okay I'll stop annoying Americans now. Game time is at 9:00 AM EST.

Galchenyuk's first WJC goal: