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PWHPA to host showcase in Montreal

The event hits Montreal April 2-3.

PWHPA / Heather Pollock

The Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association has announced their first showcase in Montreal, to be held April 2-3 at the Verdun Auditorium.

The PWHPA previously hosted events in Montreal, but they were one-off games between two teams. This event will host teams from the Montreal, Boston, Minnesota, and Calgary regions.

Montreal and Calgary have all won one showcase a piece this season. The event will be sponsored by Quartexx Management, and held by the Centre 21.02, the only nationally-recognized women’s hockey centre for excellence in Canada.

“Quartexx is proud to support the efforts being made by the PWHPA to offer a sustainable professional women’s ​hockey league,” said Giordano Saputo, Chief Operating Officer at Quartexx Management. “As an agency that prospers on the male​-dominated industry, we are pleased to have the opportunity to contribute towards narrowing the gender gap in hockey. Developing a truly inclusive environment for all in this great sport is something ​that Quartexx Management will always strive toward.”

Quartexx Management is notably the agency started by Montreal Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes. They will provide financial assistance for the event.

“Montreal is one of the best markets for women’s hockey in North America and we’re excited to finally make our way back to such a great city,” said Jayna Hefford, PWHPA Operations Consultant. “Danièle Sauvageau and her team at Centre. 21.02 have done a wonderful job with the PWHPA Montreal region and we’re looking forward to having an event at this world-class facility. We can’t wait to see fans from the region enjoy women’s hockey up close.”

Weekend and day passes for the Quartexx Showcase are now available here, while individual tickets can be purchased here.