Win Robert Lefebvre's book "Tales From the Montreal Canadiens Locker Room"

Skyhorse Publishing was kind enough to give me a sample copy of Robert Lefebvre's new book, and you can have one too.

A lot of readers are new to EOTP this year, as we've more than tripled out readership this season compared to last. What the new readers may not know is that this blog began on it's own, separate from SB Nation.

Originally this site was the work of Robert Lefebvre. Robert is who brought in Kevin, Chris, Bruce, and myself.

He stepped down from managing the site to begin work on a book about the Canadiens, and that book is "Tales From the Montreal Canadiens Locker Room".

In this book Robert has gathered stories that span the entirety of Habs history, some of which you may be familiar with, but a lot things you likely haven't heard.

How to win? Well it's playoffs time, isn't it? And what's more playoffs than superstition?

Tell us about your superstitions in a fanpost. How did your superstition come about? Do you keep track of wins and losses when you follow your superstition? Do you have different ones for playoffs or the regular season? Do you have special things you do for big games?

Everyone who writes a fanpost will be entered into a draw for the book, with the winner to be drawn at the end of the first round.

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