Canadiens select Will Bitten 70th overall

Third-round picks are often sleepers, and Will Bitten is one of those.

The Canadiens may have given up their two second-round picks to get Andrew Shaw, but they still have some picks to make today. One of those was of course the 70th overall selection, and they went with Will Bitten from the Flint Firebirds

Bitten is a great pick at 70. He definitely slid down in the draft due to his size, and the Canadiens reap the benefits of that slide. Whenever someone small slides down, this is bound to happen, and this is a great addition for the Habs at great value.

We will have more on Bitten coming very soon, but for now, you can check out our pre-draft profile on him that Mitch Brown wrote a while back,

We will have to wait a little while before the Canadiens pick next, which they will do in the fourth round at 100th overall. Until then, time to talk about Will Bitten.

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