Who Am I? Name the Habs Player Contest Part 9

Time for player number nine in our "Name The Habs Player" contest.

All this week and last week (Mon to Friday), we are posting a mystery player with a few clues to help along the way

Once you have all your ten answers, drop me an email with your choices.

The first to respond with all 10 correct answers wins a Habs prize pack with a signed Lars Eller 8x10!

The next player is after the jump. Good Luck!

Who Am I? Player #9

I have won Stanley Cups as a player, head coach and assistant coach, though not all were with Montreal

I am an avid horse enthusiast and founded a polo club in Montreal

I never missed the playoffs in my entire NHL career

My brother played in one career NHL game, and it was with me and the Canadiens.

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