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What's Habening

What’s Habening: The 2018 Prospect Pyramid

The rookie tournament is over, and the pre-season starts next week, so naturally it’s time to rank the prospects!

What’s Habening: Episode 6 — Max

Fare thee well, Max.

What’s Habening: A review of the coaching upheaval in the organization

Our video series is back once again, and we’re looking at the disastrous first year of the Laval Rocket and its fallout.

What’s Habening: No More Parties in LA

Or San Jose, or Anaheim for that matter.

What’s Habening: Out of the bunker

Fingers off the panic button, Habs fans. For now.

What’s Habening: Prospect pyramid

I borrow an idea from Steve Dangle, the Habs finally win, and at last our long national nightmare is over.

What’s Habening: Pre-season Blues

It’s the perfect time to panic. Unless it’s not.