What Is Your Habs Mea Culpa?


EOTP Commenter Alex Blosser gave me an idea earlier this morning when he posted in the previous thread, the following words:

I’ve never been happier to eat my words about a team. I thought Gainey was mad and made a lot of boneheaded moves this past summer….thank God I was wrong.

Mea culpa: my fault, or an acknowledgment of a personal error.

We've all said and thought our share of things on these 2009-10 Canadiens and Alex isn't the first or the last to suggest he's had to munch on some black bird. The topic might just be more universal than we think, as CKAC is running the question as a call in this a.m.

I'll go first.

The coach, Jacques Martin, has unequivocally been the traget of my wrath, especially over the course of the season's final 40 games.

I called him everything from a sandbag to an iceberg, but lo and behold Martin has done something not many, including myself (big time) thought could be done - he's found a way to make the Habs competitive against Eastern Conference Goliaths.

So in that, I'll chew off the crow's butt and spit feathers. I was wrong.

Maybe you have also a mea culpa of your own concerning some faction of team.

Let's hear it!

Gill, Halak, Lapierre, AK, the coaching staff, Gainey, Gomez, the small players, or whatever.

What element of the Canadiens is causing you to eat crow today?

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