We've Come a Long Way, Haven't We?

You know for a bunch of guys who "live in our parent's basement, blogging away in our under wear and eating cheese doodles," we seem to get a bit of notoriety.

I have to give credit to Chris, Andrew, Bruce and Stephan, who bust their tails researching some of the best hockey analysis on the planet. Most of you guys know I am still an apprentice in the advanced stats side of EOTP, and try to balance things out from the historical side and other tid bits of useless facts and occasional on-air rants.

Of course this site had a massive feel for the historical side of things, in it's early days when Robert Lefebve was ruinning this place single handed. Robert has been hard at work on some Habs related projects, one of which comes out this fall.

Along with Allan Kreda, Robert is the co-author of Skyhorse Publishing's new book, "Tales from the Montreal Canadiens Locker Room," set to hit the shelves this November. I know Robert has to be thrilled to get his extensive researching skills published and this book will be a must have for any Habs fan. Congratulations Robert!

Stephan Cooper has also drawn some of his own attention. Our little Edmontonian whom we plucked from or FanPosts a couple years back, will still be contributing here, but is also now running things at A Winning Habit. But why he'd want to write about this guy, is beyond me.

Now while you've heard us all on the Podcasts, and Andrew and I on the radio on occasion, none of us have been spotted on camera. That is until Bruce was interviewed by Sabermetrics Network. The clip, and more bits of Habs and hockey links, after the jump.

The Montreal Canadiens were featured on NHL.com's 30 in 30 today. Links from that follow.

Six Questions facing the Habs

Arpon Basu on Rene Bourque and his Top-10 Prospects in the organization.

Corey Masisek on the Habs roster

An ex-Hab is off to play in Ireland

First off, how is "Canadiens," spelled ?OK he fixed that. Now to address the P.K. Subban issue. Yes, I did predict a contract being signed by Mid-July. It didn't happen,. Evidently Kreskin's job is safe, buth there is no need to panic. Forgive me for sounding like a broken record, but Carey Price signed his first RFA on September 2, 2010, just a few weeks before camp began. There's plenty of time

Subban, who I can tell you hates how the sport is such a business (Welcome to the 21st century, kid), seems to be taking interest in the CBA talks. He may be trying to get a feel for that side of the things, while Don Meehan does his work at the individual contract level.

It could happen in two hours or maybe another 4-6 weeks, but rest assured folks, P.K. will be in Montreal when all is said and done. The boys at COC are kinda hoping for this

OK I've vented, and besides I'm out of cheese doodles.

Speaking of coming a long way...PPE has evolved from posting animated gifs to talking analytics.

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