Welcome to the Game Thread

Everything you'll ever need to know about posting during a Habs Eyes on the Prize Game Thread.

Here at Eyes on the Prize there has been a large growth in site traffic in recent months and dozens of new posters so I figured for all the new faces here that they could use a schooling in how to appropriately fit in during the upcoming 82+ game threads.

1. Thou Shalt Learn About Fancy Stats: Andrew and co. put together a massively useful series known as Fancy Stat Summer School and more often than not there will be a discussion on the fancy stats for both sides between periods. To avoid confusion I highly recommend you read through the series and get a grasp on the concept of "Fancy Stats"

2. Thou Shalt "Rec" Funny Posts: The rec feature on the site is used in determining the "EOTP 3 Stars of the Night" for each game thread. Typically the posts with the most recs get a star...simple no? Being one of the 3 stars gives you bragging rights for approximately 2 hours and a nice warm fuzzy feeling that people on the internet think you're funny!

3.Thou Shalt Use Funny Gifs/Images: Seriously gifs and pictures are a great way to earn a lot of recs(assuming the image is hilarious or relevant). In fact posting funny gifs is how I developed a reputation here and I highly recommend you familiarize yourselves with some of the top gifs at EOTP such as:




You get the idea right?

4.Thou Shalt Make Archer and Game of Thrones References: Seriously...posting any sort of reference to either show is a surefire way to make a game thread a good time(and earn some easy recs as well). And quite frankly if you don't watch either show I can only shake my head and say that you're in the


5.Thou Shalt Spam the Thread with Nonsense: There are always going to be trolls (it is the internet after all) however for the love of Ribinsoin please do NOT spam the same image over and over throughout the course of the game as its both annoying and causes the page to load slowly for some people (Also of note, use titles on all images and gifs, that way people with slow internet can minimize them).

6. PJ Stock is Never Correct*: Nope not ever

*-This also applies to Don Cherry,Mike Milbury and anyone with the phrase "Insider" on Twitter

7. The Bruins Suck and You Will Laugh at Them Losing: I don't care who they lose to you are required as a Habs fan to engage in the glorious schadenfreude that is the br00nz losing

8.Don't be a Dick: Seriously...you aren't always going to agree with everyone here but at least keep it civil...this isn't HI/O or HFBoards so act according to the rules and enjoy yourselves!

Also a number of smaller things to add...

It's always Fuckalo never Buffalo

George Parros has a great 'stache but not great stats

When in doubt MOAR SUBBANSES(Cause P.K Subban won the Norris and all)

Trading Tomas Plekanec and/or Brian Gionta for Patrick Bordeleau is bad and you should feel bad for ever thinking about it

Gally=Brendan Gallagher and Chucky=Alex Galchenyuk

Shouting "Tabarnak" is a perfectly acceptable practice when the Habs are playing terrible

Opening night vs the Maple Leafs(aka st00pidheads) is nearly upon us and nothing sucks worse than a dull game thread on a week night so hopefully we can encourage some of the new site visitors to be a part of the EOTP community on a more frequent basis.

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