Welcome Mike Obrand to Eyes on the Prize

Hey, it's that time again where we're adding people to the site, and this time it's a big one.

Even if you don't read his website, or follow him on Twitter, you've likely heard of Mike Obrand. Mike helped me earlier in the summer to write the Eulogy for the Ottawa Senators, which should endear you to him instantly.

Mike is going to be bringing some humour to EOTP, like Marc and Laura have done over the past year. He'll also be joining me in a weekly (hopefully) radio show set up through our Blog Talk Radio network.

We haven't settled on a time for that show yet, but we're hoping to debut it as soon as we can find a producer to run the technical side of things.

We're hoping to have multiple radio shows this year with multiple hosts, so stay with us while we figure out this exciting new avenue of content for you.

Join me in giving Mike a warm welcome to the site, and follow him on Twitter if you haven't already.

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