Wednesday Morning Warmup - Punishing the wrong players

The Canadiens blew a 3-0 lead in the third period last night, and although not all of it was on them, but Michel Therrien made some odd decisions that didn't help.

In yesterday's win, P.K. Subban received the 5th most ice time among defensemen. He was benched for nearly the entire overtime period.

Max Pacioretty was put on the Alex Galchenyuk line before the game, presumably to send a message to David Desharnais and Erik Cole, but in the end it was Pacioretty's ice time that was cut, in spite of leading the team in shots with 4 (tied with Tomas Plekanec), and shot attempts with 7 (tied with Rene Bourque). Pacioretty ranked 7th in ice time among forwards, below Brandon Prust. Yes, below Prust.

Pacioretty played just 13:20, Subban played 18:25.

These two players happen to be the Montreal Canadiens best possession players. Subban is far and away the best skater on the team, Pacioretty is in stiff competition with Tomas Plekanec for the best forward on the team. These are two players you do not bench unless they are playing terrible beyond words. Neither were.

What is going on here?

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