Wednesday Morning Warmup - Fatendresse

He doesn't get to return to Montreal quite yet, but Latendresse is going to be playing against his hometown Habs for the first time in awhile, how will it go?

It's not really an away game, is it? I mean sure, the Senators will have last change and all, but it'll feel like a home game in Ottawa, it always does.

Which makes me wonder, if Guillaume Latendresse scores against his former team today, does he get cheered or booed?

The Canadiens are off to a 4-1-0 start. Seriously, they are, and whipping the Senators in the second half of the team's first back-to-back set sure would make a great story.

P.K. Subban will take a physical today and meet with Michel Therrien. There's a very, very slim chance that he's in the lineup tonight, but with P.K.'s conditioning, it wouldn't surprise me, so cross your fingers.

Peter Budaj gets the start against a Spezza-less Sens team. Full game preview will be up soon.

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