Wednesday Morning Warmup - A special game

Today we're going to do something a little bit different, hopefully you all enjoy it.

We're going to do something today that we're not sure has ever been done before on SB Nation. If we're right, and it hasn't then it makes great sense for it to happen in the greatest rivalry hockey has to offer.

This evening when the Montreal Canadiens take on the Boston Bruins at the Bell Centre in downtown Montreal, the first period game thread on Eyes on the Prize will be playing host to Stanley Cup of Chowder as well. This means that while the Bruins and Habs face off on the ice, the fans of both teams will be going at it in the comments section.

For the second period, SCOC will be joining us, so be sure to head over there, click on an article and join their site today.

By the third period, things will have probably got heated enough that we'll be doing separate threads on each site, but Bruins fans are welcome to still hang out in our thread, and I'm sure we'll still be welcome at SCOC.

There are of course, rules to consider. For us, Sarah Connors is going to be posting some rules at SCOC. For Bruins fans, it's pretty simple.

  • No pictures of the Bruins with the cup. Yes I'm being a poor sport, too bad. Comments with pictures/gifs of the Bruins winning in 2011 will be deleted.
  • No defending the Chara hit. This one is easy enough to figure out. We don't want everything descending into a giant flame war.

For our commenters, when we venture over to SCOC for the second period, please remember to be respectful. You can engage in some trolling and everything, but try not to insult people. There's a fine line between passionate arguing and a flame war, and we all have to remember to tread that line.

If this works out and doesn't descend into complete madness, we'll be doing it for all Bruins games this year.

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