Web reaction on the Habs loss to Thrashers

Well I have one more day of holiday rest, before hitting the day job again. But for you early risers, here is some water cooler talk, from across the MSM and blogger boards, for some opinions and views on the Montreal Canadiens 4-3 overtime loss to the Atlanta Thrashers.

The Canadiens will take Monday off, before heading back to practice in Brossard on Tuesday.

From the Habs dressing room: La Presse's Marc-Antione Godin picked up some positive and optimistic vibes from the players French and English (google).

The Numbers Game from the Canadiens website.

JT gives her spin on the game, and notes the following;

"Even a 23-year-old, fit, talented goaltender can become mentally and emotionally fatigued while his body feels rested. That, once again, goes back to Martin. The reason Price is under such pressure is because the team is playing a system that puts an inordinate amount of reliance on great goalkeeping."

The best of the Canadiens in the last decade from Lions in Winter.

Mike Boone skipped his "Quick Hits" on Sunday, likely in favour of the NFL, and jumped straight to his regular "About this..." post.  For those of you in withdrawal, I found this quick point form evaluation of the game from The Notwithstanding Clause.

I've been told I have a face for radio, so I don't video blog. Kamal Panesar however, is taking his blog to a new level.

Arpon Basu looks at Jacques Martin's favourite word. His last sentence is certainly an excellent question.

In case you were in China, or in a coma: The Habs in 2010, broken down month by month, from Steven Hindle.

Bring on the Yanks!: Louis LeBlanc and Team Canada face off against Team USA in the WJC semifinals Monday night.

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