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Carey Price encourages First Nations youth in Anahim Lake

Sportsnet put together a video outlining the impact the NHL's best goaltender has had on the children of his hometown.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Carey Price had an amazing season in 2014-15

A tremendous performance that saw him break several historic records of the Montreal Canadiens franchise resulted in several awards at season's end.  Upon being announced as the Vezina Trophy winner at the 2015 NHL Awards, Price used his acceptance speech to send a positive message to the children in his hometown of Anahim Lake.

Price spent some one-on-one time with a child from the Anahim Lake school earlier in the year.  Currently, his main goal is to help the kids get the proper nutrition they need to focus on their schoolwork, and supports a Breakfast Club of Canada program at the school to help those in need.

Price and his wife, Angela, helped to raise money for the British Columbia branch of the breakfast program this summer.  Sportsnet put together a feature outlining the personal involvement Carey has in the program and the message he recently sent directly to the schoolchildren in the community.