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This is what it's like to get hit by P.K. Subban

Some great GoPro footage on the ice with NHL stars.

Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

We all know that GoPro cameras give us a firsthand glimpse of interesting activities, whether it be surfing, bungee jumping, or now, playing against NHL stars.

In this video, Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Toews, P.K. Subban and more of the NHL's superstars work with a crew and some GoPro cameras, and the results are very cool.

Have you ever wondered what Brad Marchand had to deal with when he got demolished by Subban a few years ago? This should give you a decent idea of how quickly Subban closes in on his victims.

The rest of the video is well worth a watch, specifically Crosby's point of view as he handles the puck with the greatest of ease. It gives you a great sense of the insane speed these guys tend to operate at, even while practicing.

I can only imagine how quick it would look if this was recorded during actual NHL action.