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Lars Eller's top 10 moments with the Montreal Canadiens

At 25 Lars Eller still has his best years ahead of him. Let's take a look at some of his best moments from years past.

Andre Ringuette

With the news that Lars Eller signed a four-year contract extension with the Habs, we thought it might be the right time to examine some of his best moments with the Canadiens.

10. Welcome to Montreal. Eller's first goal for the Habs:

9. All eyes were on Subban, but Eller is the one who made the play happen, taking a hit to make the pass:

8. Rumour has it that this goal haunts Rask to this day:

7. The day Lars Eller usurped Zdeno Chara as the strongest man in the league. Look at that insane strength!

6. Eller spins and scores faster than a Bruins Stanley Cup collapse, with about 14 seconds to spare:

5. Not known as a player who lays down big hits, Eller certainly got the attention of John Tavares with this huge, legal & beautiful check:

4. To be fair, Phaneuf had been on the ice for about a minute when this happened, let's just forget that Eller had also been on the ice for a full shift:

3. Two things happened in this video. 1) Eller snapped a 24 game goalless drought, and didn't bother celebrating due to the fact that Montreal was heading towards a loss. 2) Eller sparked one of the best 3rd period comebacks in Habs history, which culminated in a 5-4 overtime win and a lot of tears from the Senators.

2. The spin-o-rama is frowned upon by many, but you have to admit it added quite the exclamation mark to Eller's 4 goal night:

1. 4 goals, 5 points, and 21,273 utterly delighted Habs fans:

Can't find your favourite Lars Eller moment? Feel free to add it to the comments below.