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P.K. Subban profiled on Breakfast Television

The always interesting P.K. Subban was the subject of a profile on ten great Canadian athletes today.

Bruce Bennett

P.K. Subban has become one of the highest profile athletes in Canada, and when you combine that with his easy going nature and eloquent interviews, it's no surprise that he was picked by City TV's Breakfast Television as one of their ten Canadian athletes to profile this summer.

Subban talks about growing up in a family of five children, and makes sure to point out that while people love to talk about his dad Karl, his mom contributed just as much to his success as a hockey player and rarely gets credit.

They also show Subban in a Leafs jersey, which is appalling, then they show it again, which is just rubbing it in. Subban explains that he lived in Toronto and went to a Leafs hockey school, where he was instructed by Nick Kypreos, who happened to be on the program as well.