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P.K. Subban stars in commercial for Boston Pizza

Subban's charisma is part of what sets him apart in the NHL, and he's just beginning to scratch the surface of what he can bring in for endorsements.

Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban has some interesting friends, one of whom is the owner of Albertan (yes, it's Albertan, seriously) restaurant chain Boston Pizza, Jim Treliving. Subban has starred in a video with Treliving before for George Stroumboulopoulos:

But this time, he's managed to get into the a commercial in the French market as well. Subban doesn't speak any French in the ad, but based on 24CH over the last couple of years, his French is getting better and that could be coming soon. Just another reason to love him, as he continually endears himself to the fanbase.

The ad plays on Subban's flamboyant and often criticized goal celebrations, running through them like a highlight reel of important goals Subban has scored in his young career. The only major one that seemed to be missing was his Hulk Hogan style hand to the ear when he scored the game tying goal in game 7 against Boston in 2011. Maybe they're saving it for next time.