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Tomas Plekanec mic'd up: the ultimate troll targets Alex Galchenyuk

Who's the best crap disturber on the team? There should be no doubt.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Tomas Plekanec comes off as a mild mannered person. He's the first player on the ice for every practice, and seems to exemplify all the qualities displayed by a natural leader.

However, the turtleneck assassin definitely has a mischievous side, as evidenced by penchant for teasing his teammates. Generally, his target is P.K. Subban, whether Subban is trying to give a pre-game interview, or if he's telling Plekanec the good news that he made Team Canada, the ultimate Habs troll has been quick to exploit any opportunity presented to needle his teammates.

This time, his target was young phenom Alex Galchenyuk. Not only does Plekanec manage to get Galchenyuk going, but he does so with a flat, serious tone, which is always a huge plus when trying to annoy someone you know.

Check out this clip of Plekanec mic'd up in practice, and admire his talents for picking on his fellow members of the Montreal Canadiens.