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The greatest Almost Bourque moment

There are some things that you have to see to believe, and this is one of them.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Let's be clear about a couple things before I make fun of Rene Bourque:

  1. I don't think he's been that bad this season.
  2. Even when he isn't bad, he's a fairly limited player.
  3. I've never seen any player miss the puck like Rene Bourque does.

When Jiri Sekac scored the first goal of his NHL career, most people were freaking out about a) Sekac finally getting a goal he looked like he had deserved for awhile, and b) his father's amazing celebration. But what they missed was Rene Bourque pulling the greatest Almost Bourque moment of his career, watch:

First off, it's a good thing that Bourque is at the net mouth trying to bury that puck. That's what he should be doing, making double sure a goal is good. The hilarious part is that he misses the puck not once, but three times, and the puck is barely moving.

There have been at least 15 instances this early season where the puck was passed to Bourque and it just hopped over his stick, but this is a new level of almost. It's actually impressive.

Stick tap to @HappyCaraT for pointing this moment out to me.