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P.K. Subban gives fans a look at his workout routine

In case you hadn't noticed, P.K. Subban is the Hulk.

Subban showing that he is the Hulk.
Subban showing that he is the Hulk.
P.K. Subban's twitter

The other day P.K. Subban joined Instagram and promised that he'd be wearing a shirt in most of his pictures. That didn't stop him from immediately posting a bunch of workout videos though. We all know how seriously Subban takes fitness, but it's downright impressive to see some of the feats he's accomplishing on a daily basis. Remember that he's not a bodybuilder, this is just training.

He started out by posting pictures of the big sled pull he did:

You can see a video of Subban pulling that sled here:

You can also see Subban doing a farmer's walk with some heavy weights:

Other things Subban does? How about an 80 kilo "jerk" just to warm up?

Or some chin ups with an extra 100 pounds strapped around his waist?

For some reason I don't think Erik Karlsson could do that. Maybe it's because those weights are bigger than he is.