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Brendan Gallagher has been the same player since he was 9

Once again a stick tap to Dr. Habs, who dug up this video of Brendan Gallagher as a young lad.

When Brendan Gallagher turned pro this year, he said he wasn't going to change his game. Little did we know, he was more serious about that than we could ever imagine.

If you were to distill Gallagher's game into it's two most obvious traits, it would be board work behind the net leading to goals, and crashing the net at every possible opportunity.

The video above shows him doing both at just 9 years old.

The pint sized right winger has calmed down a little bit since then though, as I don't remember seeing him rip any refs for disallowing goals this year. Gallagher joked about his reaction to the goal being called off on his twitter account: