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P.K. Subban was epic even at 9 years old

Earlier in the week Dr. Habs found some archival footage of P.K. Subban as a youngster.

We all know how great P.K. Subban is now, but would you be surprised to find out that he was just as awesome when he was 9 years old? Well he was, and we have the video to prove it.

I'm no expert on youth hockey, it's been a long, long while since I played it, but from the hockey I've watched where it's kids as young as 9, I can't remember any of them getting a shot off like that.

Obviously we can look at Subban now on the Canadiens and say it's obvious how good he is, but even then that's quite the play. It's a wonder that the Habs managed to get this guy in the second round.

And how cool is it that he scored this goal on an adult Darren Pang?