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The Bruins have the world's most hilarious powerplay

Youtube user Chieftans4 has done the world a favour by putting the Bruins' powerplay from last night online. I don't think he changed a thing.

Last night the Boston Bruins were given a powerplay for the final minute of regulation after Lars Eller clearly tugged on on Zdeno Chara's jersey. Chara also clearly dove on the play, but Bruins don't dive™ so it wasn't called.

The Bruins' PP, while down a goal in the most important game of their season thus far, didn't even manage a shot attempt.

EOTP commenter Merrill put it succintly: " Boston's got the best penalty killers in the league; they're so good they even killed Montreal's penalty."

It was a bit of an embarrassment to the game, to be honest.