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24CH Flash: Behind the scenes of Bournival's shot block

It's been a week since Bournival's heroic block against the Capitals, and 24CH has decided to take us behind the scenes.

A week ago the Montreal Canadiens were in almost the exact same position as they are tonight, with a game against the Washington Capitals in D.C. in the evening. After jumping out to a 3-0 lead and dominating the first 40 minutes, a tip in goal by Alex Ovechkin in the third period brought the game to within one, and Montreal was in desperation mode.

No one exemplified a commitment to defense that night better than Michael Bournival, going down to block a blistering slap shot from John Carlson, and taking it right at on the laces of his right foot. Bournival was down, seemingly unable to walk, so he crawled off the ice.

Helped down the tunnel by the trainers, Bournival's foot was then x-rayed to see if there was a break, and when none was found, they began testing whether or not he could skate. Why so quick? because there was a game against Pittsburgh in less than 24 hours. And of course, Bournival played.