[Video] Why isn't Jonathan Drouin wearing any pants on the bench?

Things got weird in the third period.

So after scoring his third goal of the year, and breaking the deadlock against the Chicago Blackhawks Sunday night, things got a little bit weird on the Montreal bench.

The camera cut to the Canadiens bench, who found Jonathan Drouin, sans pants wiping himself down for some reason. Naturally there’s probably a simple, totally normal answer for this, but there’s probably also something totally insane too.

The Obvious

It’s likely Drouin got something like muscle cream, or a powder on his leg and it was irritating his skin. So naturally he grabbed a towel, ditched his pants and cleaned himself off to stop whatever was bothering him.

But, that’s far too simple and obvious a solution to the mystery of his disappearing pants.

The Slightly Absurd

The slightly insane answer is that Drouin’s legs are actually robotic, and after burning through the Blackhawks defence, he had to cool them down with a wet towel. The broadcast even pointed out how much speed he had going into the zone on his goal so is it really too far out of the question to believe the Habs new superstar might actually be a cyborg?

The Utterly Absurd

The real answer is that as part of Drouin’s new contract he was given a special key to the city that he carries on him at all times. After blowing by the Chicago defenders, it’s super obvious that he was worried he lost it somewhere in his hockey pants, so naturally he took his pants off to try and find it.

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