Phillip Danault released from hospital after taking an errant Zdeno Chara slapshot in the head

He was able to move all his extremities before leaving the ice.

UPDATE: Phillip Danault has been discharged from the hospital, and is now resting at home

Phillip Danault has been taken off the ice via stretcher after taking a slaphot off the helmet from Zdeno Chara.

He seemed to be alert the whole time and was moving all extremities, but the medical staff took no chances in getting him off the ice safely. Hopefully the attention turnd out to just have been precautionary and Danault will return in short order.

UPDATE: Danault has been transported to hospital for further tests. He was alert and able to move when he left the Bell Centre

UPDATE 2: Danault will be spending the night in the hospital to be closely monitored.

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