Tuesday Morning Warmup - Who scores the first goal?

Last year it took until the second game for Mike Cammalleri to score the Habs' first goal, who will it be this time, and when?

One of the funnest things about an oncoming season is the speculating that goes on before the fantasy is shattered. In the lead up to the season every team is a playoff team in their own minds (except Edmonton), and every time has a shot to win it all (except Edmonton).

Reality usually sets in pretty quick. And in some markets, like Montreal, one bad game could mean the sky is falling. A loss to open the season against Toronto on home ice wouldn't be devastating, but it would be pretty disappointing after such a long wait.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves, forget who wins the game, who scores first? Last year it was Mike Cammalleri, the year before it was Dustin Boyd (yeah, seriously). In the first game of the Jacques Martin era, Brian Gionta lit the lamp before any other NHL player.

So who scores first this time? The reliable Max Pacioretty? Erik Cole surging down the right wing? Andrei Markov in a triumphant return? Or maybe young Alex Galchenyuk eager to show he belongs up hear with the men?

Before the season begins, you get to decide. So scores first, and how?

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