Tuesday Morning Warmup - Kaberle or Weber?

Now that P.K. Subban is back in the lineup, the Habs have 8 NHL defensemen signed to 1 way deals, something's gotta give, right?

When you talk to Habs fans, the most common words associated with Tomas Kaberle are "compliance buyout", "crap", and "healthy scratch please". Whenever the topic of trade is brought up, you get the instant reaction that his contract is an untradeable one. But is it?

The easier option is probably to trade Yannick Weber, but it's also the one that's less beneficial to the Canadiens. At 24, Weber still has room to grow as a player, he loves Montreal, and he has a nice cap friendly deal at $850K. To add to that, he's still a restricted free agent at the end of this season, so you have cost control there too.

The easy option is Weber, the tougher option is Kaberle. Do you trade Weber and try to get some value and just buy out Kaberle in the summer? Or do you wait it out and capitalize on another team needing defense?

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