TSN releases their Habs broadcast schedule

TSN broadcasts the Canadiens nationally quite often, but they also have their own regional network that is often the only English broadcast available. Here are the games TSN will broadcast this year.

The Montreal Canadiens will be featured on the big network on TSN 14 times during the regular season, along with one preseason game against the Boston Bruins on Monday, September 16th. You can see the entire broadcast schedule for TSN here.

Regular Season TSN Schedule
Date Home Team Away Team
October 9 Calgary Flames Montreal Canadiens
October 29 Montreal Canadiens Dallas Stars
November 5 Montreal Canadiens St. Louis Blues
November 22 Washington Capitals Montreal Canadiens
December 4 New Jersey Devils Montreal Canadiens
December 10 Montreal Canadiens Los Angeles Kings
December 29 Florida Panthers Montreal Canadiens
January 8 Philadelphia Flyers Montreal Canadiens
January 16 Ottawa Senators Montreal Canadiens
January 22 Pittsburgh Penguins Montreal Canadiens
January 24 Detroit Red Wings Montreal Canadiens
February 26 Montreal Canadiens Detroit Red WIngs
March 24 Boston Bruins Montreal Canadiens
March 27 Detroit Red Wings Montreal Canadiens
April 9 Chicago Blackhawks Montreal Canadiens

The last six games on TSN are absolutely huge ratings draws. Those are six of the most anticipated games on the schedule, really. Nabbing three of the games against new divisional rival Detroit is a big deal, as is a matchup with the defending cup champion Blackhawks.

On the regional network (TSN-Habs), 30 Canadiens games will be broadcast in English. Here's the complete TSN-Habs schedule:


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