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Josh Brook signs entry-level contract with the Montreal Canadiens

The defenceman has his first professional deal in hand

Shanna Martin

The Montreal Canadiens have signed 2017 second-round draft selection Josh Brook to his entry-level contract.

The Moose Jaw Warriors defenceman sustained an injury before his 2017-18 began, missing significant time at the start of the year, and rarely looking comfortable in the 45 games he was able to play.

He’s eager to put a season in which he recorded just 80% of his draft-year production behind him, and his performance with the Canadiens from the development camp in late June through to the current Canadiens camp is suggesting that he’s doing just that. He has been perhaps the best of the defensive prospects in the summer’s evaluations, and now gets a chance to compare himself to the professionals in the organization.

The most likely destination for Brook to play his season is back in the WHL, where he can take advantage of his renewed health and restored confidence to control the play in the Junior league. Being under 20 years old, his contract would slide a year, with the term not starting until next season when his professional career begins.

But his pre-season debut means he may get a longer look before getting sent back.