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Last season’s Dwight King trade to the Montreal Canadiens officially finalizes today

The pick the Habs will send to the Kings will be solidified.

Chicago Blackhawks v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

The Montreal Canadiens used the trade deadline ahead of last season’s playoffs to bolster their fourth line, adding Andreas Martinsen, Steve Ott, and Dwight King for their post-season run.

Martinsen and Ott were added in straightforward transactions, with the Habs sending Sven Andighetto to Colorado, and a 2018 sixth-round pick to Detroit to acquire their services.

The addition of Dwight King came at the expense of a 2018 fourth-round pick, with two conditions attached that could turn it into a third-rounder.

The first chance for that pick to move up a round required the Canadiens to make it to the Eastern Conference Final, with King in the lineup for at least half of the games needed to get there. With the Habs being knocked out in six games at the hands of the New York Rangers, that method was eliminated from the equation.

The second condition allowed for the change to a third-round selection if King was on the reserve roster anytime between the official start of the new season on July 1, and November 15, 2017.

King signed to play in the KHL for the 2017-18 season, making it extremenly unlikely that he would be rejoining the Canadiens in that window. Today is the final day for that pick to change, and with him still on the roster of Yekaterinburg’s Avtomobilist, scoring one of his two goals of the season in yesterday’s game, the Los Angeles Kings will have to settle for the original fourth-round pick.