Transactions of the Gainey Regime 2003-04 to 2009-10


Seeing as July 1 has now come and gone, I thought it would be interesting to look at all player moves made by Bob Gainey since taking over the GM's chair in Montreal on June 3, 2003.

These are just the plain facts on roster moves, trades, draft picks and other transactions during the Gainey regime in Montreal from 2003 to the present July 2009. The analysis is all yours!

The chronological listing includes all moves (players acquired by trade, draft, waivers or free agent signings) on the Canadiens roster and similar relevant moves concerning the Hamilton Bulldogs roster since 2003.

Each seasonal recap will feature a final roster of all players who played for the Canadiens in that particular season, and a listing of departed players. Where possible, it will be noted the means by which a player has left the organization. Also in the recaps will be a list of players transaction for that campaign, along with the a listing of the players drafted into the organization in June of that year.

Additionally, within each individual season post you will see a hyperlink reading "Players stats / Canadiens games / NHL Season Summary" from the Hockey Reference site in which you can investigate a particular season's details more closely.

For clarification purposes, each individual season recap begins with a roster of players from the preceding season, followed by transactions completed after the final game of that season. Exceptions will include minor pro players signed for the benefit of an upcoming season.

The recaps (access each season by clicking the links) is divided into seven seperate posts, reading as follows:

The Gainey Regime 2003-04: Year One - An Organizational Recap and Look Back on 2002-03

The Gainey Regime 2004-05: Year X - The Lockout

The Gainey Regime 2005-06: Year Two

The Gainey Regime 2006-07: Year Three

The Gainey Regime 2007-08: Year Four

The Gainey Regime 2008-09: Year Five

The Gainey Regime 2009-10: Year Six - A Recap of Moves Made from the Seven Previous Seasons

Notations for players will be included in each recapped season, and are as follows.

(*) denotes players currently on the Canadiens NHL roster.

(+H) denotes players currently on the Hamilton Bulldogs AHL roster.

(+HM) denotes players currently on the Hamilton roster who have played with Montreal.

(P) denotes prospects who have yet to sign a professional contract (NHL, AHL, or ECHL) with the organization.

(-M), (-H) and (-MH) denote players no longer in the organization who have played either in Montreal, Hamilton, or both.

(--) denotes a player who has never played in Montreal or Hamilton. The final group likely never signed a professional contract with the club and were simply not retained by the organization. A final tally of each category will follow these chronological yearly listings.

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