Top Six Minutes – Stupid Brigade Edition as the Senators beat the Habs

Your quick recap of the Montreal Canadiens' Game 6 loss to the Ottawa Senators.

Top Six Minutes: There were no six minutes that could be classified as "top." The end.
-Text from Andrew

• Bless Ryan White and Zack Smith for trying to make a Montreal-Ottawa rivalry a thing.
• It's not a thing.
Craig Anderson aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
• I'm so over Francis Bouillon. Sorry.
• Why won't Michel Therrien let himself love Lars Eller?
• I don't know when the Canadiens decided to get so stupid. Was it during the first intermission, the first period, or on the bus to Kanata?
• Forward ending a scoring "slump" against the Habs? Check.
• Rookie scoring first NHL goal against the Habs? Check.
• Markov's limping! Markov's back in! No he's limping! No he's on the ice! We have post-knee-surgery-stress-disorder.
Guillaume Latendresse is fat, you guys.
• Emelin, yo. Boom, yo.
• Your EOTP Three Stars of the Night were chosen by me, since there wasn't much rec'in going on (for obvious reasons), and I decided I can choose them if you don't since I write the recaps. 3rd: "Prust is going to have to fight Anderson" from JD__. 2nd: An adorable one from courtnall, and 1st: Berkshire with a Chris Phillips joke. Those don't have a shelf life.
• Had to figure the Habs would lose eventually, but not like this. DAMN I hate losing to the Senators.
• Silver lining: they were playing pretty badly. So, you know. Nobody panic.

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